Flying with teenagers

Flying with teenagers
Tips before travelling

Travelling with a teenager is far easier than travelling with a toddler, but nonetheless, you may want to take advantage of these tips that can help you and your family have a pleasant trip no matter what.

Most parents allow their teens to pack their own bags for their flight, but be sure to briefly inspect them for items that could get your teen stopped at a security checkpoint. Checking your teen’s carry-on luggage is especially important, for items that could get them into potential trouble. Make sure that bags with valuables that are going to be stowed in the plane’s luggage area are zip-locked or wrapped in plastic to prevent theft. The packing should be done in such a way as to prevent breakages if your teen’s luggage is roughly handled. While you are doing this, make sure the weight and volume of their bags corresponds to flight specifications.

Keeping adequately fed and hydrated is a key component of flying comfortably, and while most dry snacks will pass security checkpoints, getting liquids onto a plane is prohibited except in very small quantities. Even though it is more expensive, buy your teenager a cooldrink or a bottle of water in the airport terminal and encourage them to drink it before moving through the checkpoint and boarding the plane. If you can, make sure you and your child have made use of the terminal’s bathroom facilities before approaching the checkpoint.

Airports take security issues very seriously, so be sure to stress to your child that they must not joke about the security processes or this could cause you unwanted delays, even to the extent of missing your flight. Security personal are likely to not see humour in the same way that your teenager does, so explain to your child that they should avoid using words like bomb, knife and gun in an airport or on a plane.

On-flight entertainment is very easy for teenagers today, who will make use of their smartphones, tablets and laptops if they grow tired of other pastimes provided. Remind them to pack their earphones with them. Do not forget the charger and a spare battery if you are waiting for connecting flights. If your teenager likes reading, electronic media devices allow access to a wide variety of content. That said, perhaps your teen would prefer you to buy them a paper book for the flight.

Adhering to these simple tips when flying with your family will help you travel with more peace of mind. Usually, teenagers themselves are both quiet and cooperative, but troubleshooting these basic problem areas will help ensure they, and you, have a good trip.