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199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

GPS: 37.292988460333, 127.20403684775

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Everland Amusement Park South Korea was opened to the public in 1976, Everland Resort is the most popular and largest theme park in South Korea. It is nestled below the lush mountains of the city of Yongin, in the Gyeonggi Province. This family complex includes, among other things, a zoological park (Zoo-Topia), a water park (Caribbean Bay) and a hotel complex in addition to the Everland main park, itself divided into five leisure areas or entertaining rides. Owned by a subsidiary of the Samsung group, Everland Resort was originally called Yongin Jayeon Nongwon and has changed its name in recent years to open up to new international customers.

Unlike most leisure parks around the world, Everland Resort has very few thrills attractions except the T Express train. This roller coaster inaugurated in 2008 is the first in the country to be built entirely of wood. Its first slope at 77 degrees, one of the most inclined in the world, is extremely feared by visitors. In addition to many rides, this theme park has the particularity of having a museum with Korean paintings (Ho-Am Art Museum), a golf course (Glen Rose), an automobile museum and the largest automobile circuit in the country (Everland Speedway) to experiment with racing car driving. Everland Resort takes the greatest care of the environment of its park which is often awarded abroad for the superb flower arrangements of its gardens. Each year in March-April, the park hosts a superb tulip festival made up of a million bulbous plants and a hundred different varieties.

In the Jigu Maul village area, you will discover close concepts developed by Disney parks. Created in 1985, this part of Everland Resort is devoted to surprising reproductions of European castles. It includes dolls, figurines and various miniature constructions typical of the Middle East, Asia or the Americas. Regularly ranked among the best theme parks in the world and constantly praised for its quality of services to families, Everland Resort attracts more than 7 million visitors each year.

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  • Over 40 varied rides and attractions for the whole family
  • The abundance of visible animals within the Safari World attraction and the Zoo-Topia park (white tiger, polar bear, penguin, monkey, white lion, elephant, giraffe, giant panda…)
  • The tropical safari of the Lost Valley aboard an amphibious vehicle (which can move on land as well as on water) on the trail of wild animals from the African continent
  • The T Express train a wooden roller coaster 1,800 meters long (one of the fastest and steepest on the world) ; the Rolling X-Train roller coaster (built as part of the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988) ; the two roller coasters Herky & Timmy’s Racing Coaster and Dragon Coaster (suitable for children)
  • The Caribbean Bay water park (wave pools, giant slides, water games, spa and wellness centres, beauty and relaxation rooms) distributed in a covered centre and outdoors (the latter can be closed in winter)
  • The folk village Jigu Maul (Global Village) highlighting the cultural traditions of several countries around the world
  • The quality of day and night parades; the animations offered during Halloween or Christmas
  • The numerous music shows and thematic festivals organized at various times of the year (including the tulip festival in March-April)
  • The floral ornamentation of the park and the gardens; the large number of restaurants, shops and souvenirs
  • Each year, during the traditional Chuseok festival (celebrating crops and ancestors in the country for three days), the Everland Resort park grants a preferential rate to foreign visitors. This national event is held every year in September or October depending on the years and the cycle of the moon.
  • The Samsung group on which Everland Resort Park depends is an essential institution in South Korea. It has around sixty subsidiaries and weighs around 20% of the country’s GDP (Gross domestic product). Its activity is extremely diversified since in addition to manufacturing electronic products (type smartphones, televisions or tablets), it invests in many other fields: construction of skyscrapers, operation of shipyards, mass distribution sectors, armaments, insurance companies, hotels, hospitals, nuclear power plants, drilling platforms… This Korean giant employs a total of 400,000 people worldwide.
  • Everland Resort is the only place in South Korea where it is possible to observe a couple of giant pandas from China (Panda World section).
  • Buy your ticket online to benefit from a price reduction.
  • When you arrive, ask for a map to help you find your way around the vastness of this park.
  • In winter, several attractions from Everland Resort are likely to be closed to the public.
  • Allow 1.5 hours of public transport to reach the park from Seoul.

Where to eat

  • Human Sky Snack
    (on the go)
  • Alps Kuche
    (Alpine atmosphere)
  • Great Sage Budae Meat Restaurant
    (tasty and hearty)

Where to go

  • Ho-Am Art Museum
    (museum with green frame)
  • Yonin Natural Recreation Forest
    (resourcing exit)
  • Korean Folk Village
    (Korea of the past)

Where to stay

  • Q Hotel Yongin
    (simple and economical)
  • Lee Design Hotel
    (modern and pleasant)
  • Konjiam Resort
    (posh holiday village)

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