For a long time, Spain attracted its visitors only for its sunny beaches and seaside resorts along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Over the years, this country has established itself as a pre-eminent place in the world tourism industry thanks to its cultural heritage, its historical monuments, its gastronomy, its art of living, its outdoor activities, its leisure offer, its lively festivals and its strong regional identities.

Major places to visit in Spain: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Sagrada Família, Royal Palace of Madrid, Prado Museum, Alhambra, La Giralda, San Sebastian, Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Córdoba, Ibiza...

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Discover the lighthouses of Andalusia on this self-guided Andalusian tour to visit Andalusia Spain. This region of southern Spain is a treasure-trove of architectural jewels with mixed styles (Hispanic-Christian and Muslim in particular), dating back to the Roman and Moorish occupation. Upon arrival at Seville airport, you will drive a rental car to your accommodation. Wake up the following morning to a full day of sightseeing. You can stroll around the Andalusian capital and visit the main Andalusia attractions of our self-guided Andalusian tours 2022: Alcázar of Seville, a royal palace built for King Peter of Castile, the Giralda bell tower Seville Spain, and Seville Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See.

The next part of your itinerary to visit Andalusia Spain will take you to Córdoba, former capital of an Umayyad emirate, the first unified state of Al-Andalus under Muslim rule. The artistic heritage of this caliphal dynasty is embodied by the sumptuous Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba or Mosque Cathedral Córdoba, a World Heritage site of cultural interest that perfectly blends Arab and Baroque styles. You will have the opportunity to travel andalusia and admire up close the artistic treasures and the precious decorations of marble columns, two-coloured arches, the mihrab (a niche in the wall of a mosque that points towards Mecca), the chapels, the main altarpiece and the Patio de los Naranjos (or Courtyard of the Orange Trees). The end of your self-guided Andalusian tours 2022 will be devoted to exploring the city of Granada, dominated by the royal palaces of the Alhambra. Protected by the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada, this walled complex contains lush gardens, tinkling fountains, elaborate sculptures, formal courtyards and thousands of rooms with intricate geometric designs which are part of this Andalusia tour travel experience.