Self-proclaimed "Land of the Rising Sun" since the year 607, Japan is an ancient empire separated from the Asian continent by the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea. Known for its traditions, customs, cuisine, cultural heritage, 6,800 islands and art of living, as well as for its Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, Japan shines by its singularity. A trip to Japan never leaves one indifferent and often rhymes with a change of scenery. By leaving its main urban centres, you will have the opportunity to discover an equally surprising nature, whatever the season.

Major places to visit in Japan: Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu-dera, Matsumoto Castle, Mount Fuji, Himeji Castle, Hashima Island, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle, Daisetsuzan National Park, Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama, Daitoku-ji...

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