A legacy of the D'mt, Aksum, Zagwe and Solomonic kingdoms or dynasties, Ethiopia is a fascinating country in terms of history, culture and nature. This landlocked area in the Horn of Africa is home to the oldest hominids and specimens of Homo sapiens. Its population of more than 100 million people is reflected in its diversity of ethnicities, languages, customs, festivals and religions. With an average altitude of 2,500 metres, this little-visited destination counts many treasures that are beyond imagination.

Major places to visit in Ethiopia: Lalibela, Erta Ale, Simien Mountains National Park, Blue Nile Falls, Ruins of the ancient city of Aksum, Lower Valley of the Awash, Fasil Ghebi, Fortified Historic Town of Harar Jugol, Konso Cultural Landscape, Tiya...

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