A less popular destination than its neighbours (Morocco and Tunisia), Algeria opens up relatively little to tourism. This Maghreb country constitutes the largest of the African continent, the Arab world and the Mediterranean coast from the point of view of its surface area. Benefiting from immense beaches and several ancient monuments in the North, as well as superb mountainous and desert landscapes in its southern part, Algeria offers many opportunities for discovery far from the crowds. In spite of the few infrastructures present in the hinterland, its potential is undeniable.

Major places to visit in Algeria: Tassili n’Ajjer, Sahara, Hoggar Mountains, Beni Hammad Fort, Casbah of Algiers, Djémila, M'Zab Valley, Timgad, Tipasa, Tébessa, Lambaesis, Madghacen, Mansourah, Chréa National Park...

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