10 coveted mountains

10 coveted mountains
Top 10

The mountains are both revered and feared. Since the 14th century, daring men have dreamed of reaching the highest peaks to dominate the world around them, advance science, establish the first topographic surveys or discover what is hidden above the clouds. Sometimes with derisory means, these climbers of the past have never ceased to push their limits in the ascent of the most coveted and difficult massifs. Risking their lives, they are today thousands of enthusiasts to undertake the exploration of the highest peaks of the globe. Backed by a mountainous chain or detached as an isolated relief, our top 10 of the most coveted mountains are characterized by their high altitude, their difficulty of access or their sacredness.

Amphitheatre (South Africa)

Formation of the Amphitheatre in Drakensberg sublimated by the rays of the sun

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