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From the beautiful beaches of Brazil to the breath-taking views of Norway, our premium selection is your guide to the most inspiring and surprizing places to visit in the world. You just have to see them for yourself, they're that incredible!

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10 panoramic roads

Legendary routes

Developed by humans in often difficult conditions, panoramic roads allow you to cross mountains, follow coastal paths, travel densely wooded areas, free yourself from sparsely populated areas or reach destinations that are inaccessible for the greater pleasure of the eyes. Whether they are in the form of a loop or a long distance track, these […]

10 remarkable places

Must-see places

Emblematic of a city or a capital, the places of our selection bear witness to a rich past. In turn, places of popular gathering, political discourse, coronation or public executions, religious festivals or festive events, they are very often backed by historic monuments of great architectural value. Artistic or cultural showcases, these strategic and fascinating […]

10 bewitching deserts

Complete silence

Fascinating places, deserts cover a third of the surface of the continents. Whether they consist of sand dunes as far as the eye can see like the Sahara or an infinite frozen expanse like Antarctica (it is the largest desert area in the world!), deserts are characterized by extreme temperatures and very difficult living conditions. […]

10 coveted mountains

Higher and higher

The mountains are both revered and feared. Since the 14th century, daring men have dreamed of reaching the highest peaks to dominate the world around them, advance science, establish the first topographic surveys or discover what is hidden above the clouds. Sometimes with derisory means, these climbers of the past have never ceased to push […]

10 enchanting lakes

Invigorating setting

Large expanses of fresh or salt water, the most enchanting lakes in the world stand out for their wonderful decor, their mystical atmosphere, or even for their magical splendour. Whether they meet one or more of these criteria, they are an invitation to travel for many couples or families in search of escape. These closed […]

10 museums to visit once in a lifetime

Unique collections

By highlighting the greatness of the human achievements from Prehistory to the present day, museums occupy a special place in cultural transmission. Appeared in the second half of the 17th century in Europe, it plays a major role in the study, conservation and enhancement of heritage. The rich collections expose visitors to the beauty of […]

10 fascinating canyons

Beware of vertigo

Dug by powerful rivers for millions of years, these natural sites, while vertically, impress with their colossal dimensions. The rock walls of the canyons, which can reach a few thousand meters in height, protect a lowered passage or a narrow throat. In an exceptional setting, they are conducive to outdoor leisure activities for people eager […]

10 fearsome volcanoes

Hot in front

At the origin of the formation of the Earth, these active forces of nature are still and always at work. Each new volcanic eruption is a reminder for humans of the constant evolution of the planet, the manifestation of sudden seismic activities and the continuous movement of tectonic plates. However, most volcanoes, which are moreover […]

10 spectacular caves

Into the abyss

Sparkling, deep and of great aesthetic value, the caves embody a certain greatness of nature. They are the fruit of a long phenomenon of geomorphological evolution which spans several million years. Used as a shelter by the first human populations on the planet, these underground cavities are home to various species of unusual flora and […]

10 impressive waterfalls

Be amazed

Sculptural or imposing silhouette, they are mostly at the heart of lush forest cover. Depending on the seasons, they change their attractiveness, colour or flow since the rivers that supply them are largely subject to climatic variations and sometimes to human action. Generally, the ecosystem where they are located is richly provided with fauna and […]